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We believe that caregivers deserve the chance to “recharge, refresh, and renew,” and the support structure CaringOn developed allows caregivers to accept this special gesture free of worry, stress and financial cost. Through donations from individuals and corporations, CaringOn is able to provide the necessary support and services needed so the caregiver has peace of mind while they enjoy their gift, step away and take care of themselves. This time/respite provides the caregiver with time to refresh, renew, recharge and come back rejuvenated and with a new energy. Below are a handful of the stories from our caregiver gifts.

For Jillian

Jillian Gillece was nominated by the nurses at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital for taking care of her father, the late James Gillece, who was treated there for advanced colon cancer. Jillian is a social worker …

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For Tara and Geraldine

Susan and Lee of CaringOn gave a gift of 4 Ravens football tickets to caregiver Tara Mack at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital on Thursday in the oncology infusion suite with her mother, Geraldine Jenkins, a …

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From Crystal to Ellezzie

Ellezzie Simpson is a mother of eight children in Baltimore.  Two of her children are very ill and Ellezzie goes back and forth between them, taking care of them, and working a fulltime job.  Her …

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From Kristen to Dan

This gift was given to Dan by his wife Kristen who was undergoing heavy chemo treatments last spring. Dan is a Baltimore County Police Officer and enjoyed a manly day at a spa with lunch. …

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From Bud to Pat and Lee

Bud with his tag team Caregivers, Leah, his daughter, and Pat, his wife. Bud passed away after fighting a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. Because of his love for his family, he was able to stay …

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From Susan to her Husband

Susan Rodgers, stage 4 cancer patient, not shown here, gave the gift of Refresh, Renew, Recharge, to her husband, Mike (in center), and his tag team helpers. A limo picked the guys up for dinner …

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For Sheila from Hugh

Julie, nominated her mother, Sheila, who works full time, while still caring for her husband Hugh. Hugh, who has advanced cancer, surprised his daughter and wife to a day of spa treatments and lunch. After …

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From Gloria to Latoya

Gloria Queen is an advanced breast cancer patient at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital; her daughter Latoya Wilson lives with her and takes care of her while going to college and working a fulltime job. CaringOn …

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