From Kadin Hinish to Tawnie Hinish

CaringOn delivered a gift package (spa and dinner) to Kadin Hinish to present to her mother Tawnie Hinish for taking care of her father Kurt Hinish for 9 years as he struggles with Stage 4 colon cancer.  In her words, 

” The caregiver is my mother who has been an absolute inspiration to myself as well as my 3 brothers. My mom has been taking care of my father for 9 years now. She has not only been a full-time caregiver as well as working two other jobs. My mother is adored by her many students, as she is an elementary school teacher. She has never left my father’s side during this very rocky time for them. She has never complained or made excuses. She is the hardest working woman I know, and she deserves the world for everything she has done. She is the most selfless woman I have ever met.”

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