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We believe that caregivers deserve the chance to “recharge, refresh, and renew,” and the support structure CaringOn developed allows caregivers to accept this special gesture free of worry, stress and financial cost. Through donations from individuals and corporations, CaringOn is able to provide the necessary support and services needed so the caregiver has peace of mind while they enjoy their gift, step away and take care of themselves. This time/respite provides the caregiver with time to refresh, renew, recharge and come back rejuvenated and with a new energy. Below are a handful of the stories from our caregiver gifts.

From Aubrey Martin to Drew Martin

Aubrey Martin thanked her husband Drew as she battled melanoma and surprised him with a NASCAR trip.
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Hilary Akinbiyi to Mary Jo Slater

Hilary Akinbiyi thanked her mother Mary Jo for her care as she fights breast cancer by treating her to dinner and the NYC Ballet.
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Kimberly Nolet to Philip Nolet

Kimberly Nolet thanked her husband Philip for his care as she battles breast cancer by taking him to see his favorite band Chicago.
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Sonja Sulcer to Jarvis Sulcer

Sonja Sulcer thanked her husband Jarvis for his care as she battles breast cancer by treating him to a series of sports massages.
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Candice Edwards to Her Husband David

Candice Edwards to Her Husband David

Candice Edwards thanked her husband David for his care as she battled breast cancer by pampering him with a spa day and steak dinner.
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Ingrid Heidelberg-Williams to her mother Patrice Heidelberg

Ingrid Heidelberg-Williams thanked her mother Patrice for her care as she fights breast cancer by treating her to a spa day.
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Maya Cohen to Her Husband Dylan Selterman

Maya Cohen is a young mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2020.  She went through a mastectomy and reconstruction and chemotherapy. Her loving husband Dylan Selterman took care of her and their ...
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A Note from Caregiver Charlene Batts Thomas

CaringOn gave Charlene Batts Thomas a night at the MGM resort and casino to thank her for her tireless caregiving. She wrote a testimonial to CaringOn to thank us for the gift and tell us ...
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Charlene Batts Thomas photo

Megan Boylan (Medstar Hospital) to Charlene Batts Thomas

Megan Boylan, an oncology social worker, nominated fellow social worker Charlene Batts Thomas for a CaringOn gift. Charlene works full time and cares for her mother who is battling breast cancer, her 97 year old ...
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From Megan Boylan to Gloria Mallonee

Gloria Mallonee is a nurse whose husband Bob of 53 years was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and he is undergoing chemotherapy.  She is overwhelmed with caring for him and has not had ...
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From Kadin Hinish to Tawnie Hinish

CaringOn delivered a gift package (spa and dinner) to Kadin Hinish to present to her mother Tawnie Hinish for taking care of her father Kurt Hinish for 9 years as he struggles with Stage 4 ...
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From Laura Snyder to Beth Caylor

Beth Caylor has been taking care of her husband Mike who was diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago and has been by his side 24/7.  She stayed in the hospital over 30 days with ...
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Photo of Jimmy and Barbara Gluck (2)

Jimmy to Barbara Gluck

Jimmy Gluck is a 52-year-old construction worker who was at Ground Zero on 9/11.  He was one of the brave “first responders” who rebuilt New York after 9/11 and suffered debilitating lung disease because of ...
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Ashley Cole | CaringOn

From Matthew Cole to Ashley Cole

Matthew Cole from West Virginia has Stage IV colon cancer and he nominated his wife Ashley for a CaringOn gift.  He said: “Ashley is my wife of almost 12 years and half of those years ...
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Maggi Liebig and George Barnard

Maggie Liebig was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 7 years ago and needed a double lung transplant.  Her three brothers had died from the disease and she was determined to live. She met George Barnard ...
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