A Tribute from a Professional Caregiver | Teresa Micheal to Victor Micheal

Patty nominated her patient Teresa Micheal’s caregiver husband Victor for a CaringOn gift.  Teresa was so pleased to see Victor enjoy his gift before she passed away in November 2020.

Patty Plaskon | Woman Smiling“As an Oncology Social Worker facilitating a Care Giver Support Group, I wish more of my patients’ caregivers could benefit from the gift of a break from day-to-day responsibilities. Thanks, Caring On, and keep up the good work!”

Patricia (Patty) Plaskon
Oncology Social Worker
University of MD Shore Regional Cancer Program


About Teresa Micheal and Victor Micheal

Teresa Micheal had stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to her lungs.  Her husband Victor had been her devoted caregiver for over 3 years and he had to miss work, deal with debt, and learn to handle pic lines and stents and colostomy care.  They joked that he was going to earn a medical degree the hard way. Teresa and her oncology social worker, Patty Plaskon, nominated Victor for a CaringOn gift. Several months before Teresa passed away in November 2020, Victor was able to take a break from his role as caregiver to enjoy his gift – a fishing trip with friends on the Chesapeake Bay.

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