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Dianne Bagley to Lisa Bagley

When Dianne Bagley found out that she had metastatic breast cancer, it was her birthday in February 2018.  She has been fighting to get well ever since and her sister-in-law has been there for her every step of the way.  As she said when she nominated her sister-in-law Lisa for a CaringOn gift, “When I was diagnosed she was the first one who rushed across the country to visit me.  She came back 3 more times.  She cheered me on at my lowest.  She has opened her home to me to stay so I can get better care in Denver.  She cries with me, laughs with me.  I would not be able to fight this cancer without her.”  CaringOn rewarded Lisa with a full day spa package so that she can take care of herself as she cares for her beloved sister-in-law Dianne. 

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