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From Matthew Cole to Ashley Cole

Matthew Cole from West Virginia has Stage IV colon cancer and he nominated his wife Ashley for a CaringOn gift.  He said:

“Ashley is my wife of almost 12 years and half of those years she has been my caregiver. We have three children ages 10, 6, and 3. She works full time, volunteers at church, and at the children’s school. We have a dog and cat and recently lost our dog of 16 years. She took in a stray that someone dropped in our neighborhood and landed on our doorstep. She has nursed it back to health and praying we find it a good home. She’s the glue that holds this mess together. I hope you can help me to give her some time she needs and deserves.”

CaringOn was happy to help Ashley find time to “recharge, refresh, and renew” by spending time in front of the tv with her son Ben (pictured with her) while her house was deep cleaned and her laundry was done by a professional house cleaner just in time for her father’s visit.

Ashley Cole | CaringOn

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