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CaringOn Ambassadors have a deep and meaningful understanding of the power of our mission – to care for caregivers. They are those who help us recognize that caregivers need care themselves and are often the most ignored part of the healthcare equation. CaringOn Ambassadors are individuals who help us provide a special gift of care to the people that take care of others on a daily basis. What is a gift of care? Time to take a break from caregiving responsibilities so that a caregiver can “recharge, refresh, and renew” and do something wonderful for themselves – get a massage, go to dinner and a movie, take in a ballgame, stay overnight in a hotel overlooking the water, doing something that gives them a chance to take a break from caregiving and will spark joy and a feeling of wellbeing in them again.

Who are CaringOn Ambassadors?

Potentially anyone who gives care. But more specifically, those that would like to promote CaringOn’s mission of caring for caregivers. They are our CaringOn alumni, our friends, our professional colleagues who resonate with our mission and would like to get involved.

How does an Ambassador promote the CaringOn mission?

Help us build our network of care providers at hospitals, clinics, hospices, rehab and wellness centers by connecting us with those that work closely with caregivers – doctors, nurses, social workers, nurse navigators, etc. Nominate a caregiver who is in need of care. Promote CaringOn on social media. Donate to our cause by underwriting gifts of care – by negotiating in kind or discounted products or services from a vendor or donating money that will help us provide more gifts of care to our caregivers.

CaringOn Ambassadors are a part of our extended family and your support and hard work to care for caregivers will help sustain CaringOn now and forever.

How To

Nominate a Caregiver

Nominate a caregiver | CaringOn

Benefits the Caregiver: Taking care of a loved one with a cancer diagnosis can pose significant challenges to the individual providing the care. The constant responsibility can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on caregivers. Caregivers often need a break so they can return to their labors of love with renewed energy, attitude, and desire.

Benefits the Patient: Scientific research shows that “doing good” for others may be a key to better physical and mental health and may even help you live longer. For cancer patients, saying thanks and giving back to their caregivers helps to boost their self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose.

Caregiver nominations can be submitted via our website or by mailing or emailing the form. Mailed forms can be sent to PO Box 851, Brooklandville, MD 21022 and emailed forms can be sent to


How to donate to CaringOn and use social media to amplify your donation

How to Donate

Every gift to the CaringOn Annual Fund makes a valuable difference, regardless of its size. Make your contribution today and improve the quality of life for caregivers and their patients. Your commitment to become a CaringOn Donor will help us provide caregivers of advanced cancer patients with a gift of time off to recharge, refresh, and renew.

One-Time or Monthly Donations

Make a donation online using our secure website. Set up a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift.

In-Kind or Corporate Donations

If you have goods or services you would like to donate, please click the button below to fill out the donation form. Restaurant vouchers, spa services, airline miles, hotel points and retail gift cards help caregivers enjoy a day away from the stress of caregiving.

Phone or Mail Donations

Want to send a donation by mail? Click the button below to print the donation form. Complete the form and send it with your gift. To make a donation over the phone, please call 410.913.1760.

How to Amplify Your Voice

Follow and Tag CaringOn on Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via the buttons below. Be sure to tag us in your CaringOn Ambassador posts on all three platforms by typing @caringonorg in the body of your post.

Use Hashtags to Help Spread the Word

Hashtags help make your posts more visible to the online community. Use the following hashtags on each platform:

Facebook & Twitter:

#CaringOn #CaringOnAmbassadors


#CaringOn #CaringOnAmbassadors #caregiver #caregivers #caregiving #caregiversupport #caregiverlife #caregiverappreciation #caregiverawareness #caregiversrock

Download the CaringOn Ambassadors Social Media Graphic

Download the Ambassadors Graphic and post it across all of your social media channels. Be sure to include your contact information and hashtags and to tag CaringOn @caringonorg.


CaringOn Toolkit

As you accumulate information, please forward it to the Board Member that you are working with on the gift. This Board Member will then provide you with an email address.

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Every gift to the CaringOn Annual Fund makes a valuable difference, regardless of its size. Make your contribution today!

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