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CaringOn was founded by Judy Goldberg Davanzo and Lee Kappelman to give caregivers an opportunity to “recharge, refresh, and renew” and take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Patients now have a way to express their gratitude to their caregivers by gifting them with time to themselves. This can include anything from a few hours to sleep in a hotel to spa services, dinner and a show. Let us help you customize your gift so that it is personal and special.

The support structure CaringOn developed allows caregivers to accept this special gesture free of worry, stress and financial cost. Through donations from individuals and corporations, CaringOn is able to provide the necessary support and services needed so the caregiver has peace of mind while they enjoy their gift, step away and take care of themselves. This time/respite provides the Caregiver with time to refresh, renew, recharge and come back rejuvenated and with a new energy.

Your support is important to the CaringOn programs. Only through your donations are we able to mindfully provide the gifts you send, through us, to caregivers. Help support our mission today!

AARP and NAC 2020 Report on Caregiving

AARP and NAC (National Alliance for Caregiving) released their 2020 Report on Caregiving in the U.S.  and here are some of their findings.

Caregiving in the United States has become a public health concern as 1 in 5 Americans are caregivers, providing care to an adult or child with special needs at some time in the past 12 months.  This totals an estimated 53 million adults in the United States who identify as caregivers. While many caregivers feel their role has given them a sense of purpose or meaning, those positive emotions often coexist with feelings of stress or strain.  Caregivers often report physical, emotional, and financial strain that impacts their daily lives and how they care for themselves.  Caregivers who cannot care for themselves may become unavailable to care for others; likewise caregivers have their own financial, health, and wellness needs, which begs the question, “who will care for the caregivers?”

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CaringOn provides you with a way to say thank you and recognize a caregiver with a personalized “gift of care” in your name.

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CaringOn depends on volunteers to help fulfill its mission. There are many different ways you can volunteer for CaringOn.

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Your commitment to become a CaringOn Donor will help us provide caregivers with a “gift of care” to take time off to “recharge, refresh, and renew”.

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