Celebrating 10 Years of Honoring Caregivers

For our 10th anniversary, we want to acknowledge your participation in CaringOn by asking you to share your own story with us. Why do you care? How has caregiving impacted your life? What has CaringOn meant to you and those you love? It is in sharing your story with others that we understand the grace of caring and the importance of thanking those who care.

Give Thanks to Your Caregiver

CaringOn provides you with a way to say thank you and recognize a caregiver with a personalized “gift of care” in your name.

Make a Donation

Your commitment to become a CaringOn Donor will help us provide caregivers with a “gift of care” to take time off to “recharge, refresh, and renew”.

Get Involved with CaringOn

CaringOn depends on volunteers to help fulfill its mission. There are many different ways you can volunteer for CaringOn.


10 Years of Caregiving

CaringOn recognizes deserving caregivers with a "gift of care" by providing them with a day to do something wonderful for themselves. We work to create the best experience for your caregiver so that they may enjoy a day to "relax, refresh, and renew".

Please say “I Care” by thanking the most important, and least acknowledged, member of the health care team – our caregivers.

Janna and Doug Jones gift photo

From Janna Jones to Doug Jones

Janna Jones and her husband Doug Jones enjoy a Tim Allen stand-up show and some gambling at Harrah’s Resort & Casino in southern California.  Janna is undergoing treatment for ...
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Howe photo

Jeannie Howe to Peter Howe for taking care of Elizabeth Howe Grusin

Peter Howe is the third in a family of six brothers and sisters. Over the years, he has helped take care of many people from ...
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Trip Update from Sarah Z. to Neil Z.

Sarah Z., in her battle against Stage 3 breast cancer, surprised her husband, Neil Z., with a heartfelt gift from CaringOn. Neil has been a ...
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Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 4.28.33 PM

From Stacy Hamill to Joy Hairston

Stacy Hamill nominated Joy Hairston for a CaringOn gift because she took such good care of Meghan Tillery. Meghan is a 40 year old breast ...
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Video: Sarah Z. to Neil Z.

In this beautiful video, Sarah Z., who has Stage 3 breast cancer, is giving her husband, Neil Z., a surprise gift from CaringOn. Neil has ...
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CaringOn - Gardners on boat photo

From Tarlethea Gardner to William Gardner

Tarlethea Gardner is a 43 year old oncology nurse caring for cancer patients. She is also a cancer survivor herself and is currently being treated ...
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About CaringOn

For the past ten years, CaringOn has been thanking caregivers of Cancer patients by giving them a “gift of care” to “refresh, recharge, and renew” from their caregiving responsibilities.

Now, more than ever, CaringOn believes it is important to expand our mission to celebrate ALL caregivers and honor those caregivers who are taking care of patients of COVID-19, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other diseases as well as Cancer. These caregivers are working on the front lines and behind closed doors to save our lives in our darkest days.

Caregivers are our unsung heroes. Never has taking care of caregivers felt more important.

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