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Erin Bishop to Steve Bishop

Erin Bishop was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2020 and through surgery, chemotherapy, and a mastectomy, she was bedridden and depended upon her husband Steve to do everything – the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and work.  He has been an “amazing caregiver” and Erin wanted to thank him. CaringOn arranged a skiing trip for Steve and his best friend to enjoy in western Maryland.

Steve wrote CaringOn this note:

Thank you so much for selecting me to receive such a wonderful gift from CaringOn.  I’m so excited for the upcoming weekend getaway at Deep Creek Lake!  Like many, I never thought I’d have to be the caregiver for a family member, in this case, my wife Erin.  But in March 2020 after Erin’s breast cancer diagnosis, I was thrust into the position of caregiver and quickly overwhelmed.  It has been a long ten months and supporting Erin is still priority #1 in our home.  Having my caregiver efforts recognized By CaringOn has energized me for continuing my support to Erin as she travels the road to recovery in 2021.

I look forward to relaxing and taking a break from my caregiver responsibilities in a beautiful vacation setting at Deep Creek Lake in early March.  Thank you again and to the many others who enable CaringOn to fulfill its mission.

Sincerely, Steve

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