Let’s All Say “I Care” This Year

How would you fill in the blank? If I had the opportunity to thank a Caregiver in a very special way I would________________.

CaringOn asks you this question because November is National Caregiver Month and, even if you are not caring for a loved one with cancer, you may be close to a friend, relative or co-worker who is doing just that. So many times we hear about a patient who is battling cancer but we rarely hear about the Caregiver who is taking care of that patient day in, day out, finding time to tend to their needs even after working a long day in the office, picking up children from school, or running errands.

CaringOn is celebrating our sixth anniversary and we are so excited that you support our mission of giving patients an opportunity to thank the special Caregivers in their lives. With a generous pledge from you, CaringOn will be able to make great strides in our mission to reach more patients and their caregivers.

CaringOn can lend support to the Caregiver by providing them with a few hours or a weekend to Recharge, Refresh, and Renew. We pay for nursing or companion care, if necessary, so that the caregiver does not worry about the patient. We hope that you will consider donating:

  • $75 to pay for special spa services, or fitness trainer and lunch
  • $150 to pay for a half day of nursing or companion care for the patient while caregiver enjoys their day off
  • $300 to pay for a shopping trip, ticket to the Ravens game, or a Broadway musical
  • $500 to pay for a luxury car and driver for a trip to Annapolis or DC
  • $1,000 to pay for a weekend away including nursing or companion care

Please say “I Care” by donating to CaringOn and thanking the most important, and least acknowledged, members of the healthcare equation – the Caregivers!

“Sometimes the one we need to thank and acknowledge the most is the one that we end up thanking and acknowledging the least.”

Keep on CaringOn,
Lee Kappelman
Co- Founder of CaringOn

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