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From the New York Times: “The Agony of Putting Your Life on Hold to Care for Your Parents”

This is an excerpt from the article The Agony of Putting Your Life on Hold to Care for Your Parents written by Jaeah Lee for the New York Times. Randi Schofield tried her best to ...
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How to Make a Caregiving Plan (So It’s Ready When You Need It)

Excerpt taken from the New York Times article by Lynya Floyd A comprehensive plan should list daily needs and designate a person to handle them once you or a loved one falls ill. It can ...
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November is National Caregiver Month

November is National Caregivers Month. It’s a time when we remember the people who give medications, prepare meals, clean houses, provide companionship and comfort to those who need it most. As we near the season ...
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CaringOn Salutes Katie Couric As She Stands Up 2 Cancer!

CaringOn Salutes Katie Couric As She Stands Up 2 Cancer!

Katie Couric Stands Up 2 Her Own Cancer this month after she revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we salute her.  Judy Davanzo and I had the pleasure of meeting Katie before Judy’s death ...
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‘Cost of Living Review’: Worth Its Weight In Gold

Excerpt from the New York Times: How do we connect with people? How do we care for them? And what does it all cost, both fiscally and emotionally? These are just a few of the ...
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CaringOn Profile: Liz Single, Social Worker, Johns Hopkins Hospital System

Cancer deeply affects not only the patient, but their family and support system. CaringOn has brought so much joy to some of our patients because expressing gratitude is something they have control over and it ...
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CaringOn Profile: Megan Boylan, Social Worker, MedStar Hospitals

Thanking caregivers for all they do is an important part of my practice as a healthcare professional. I have personally seen how overwhelming, exhausting and stressful being a caregiver can be. Caregivers have just been ...
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caregiver taking care of elderly woman

What I’ve Learned Over a Lifetime of Caring for the Dying

A wonderful new article by the New York Times: “What I’ve Learned Over a Lifetime of Caring for the Dying”   “While I slept in my home, my mother lay dying on the bathroom floor ...
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Join the CaringOn May Milestone Challenge – Compete Because You Care!

CaringOn invites you to take the May Milestone Challenge in honor of caregivers! Perfect for any age or ability, this event is an opportunity to jumpstart a new self-care routine while supporting CaringOn, a non-profit established to ...
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