“Many Americans say they want to die at home. It’s not always easy to make that happen.”

“Roger Kellison had Parkinson’s disease that was quickly progressing. He was a private man who eventually moved into his daughter’s house when he was unable to take care of himself.

“’He had not come to our house to live,’ Daniel Wallace, his son-in-law, told me. ‘He had come to our house to die. The last thing he wanted to do was die at a hospital.’

“Roger Kellison was part of a striking trend: For the first time since the early part of the 20th century, more Americans are dying at home than in the hospital or a nursing home. This finding, included in a recent study by me and co-author Sarah Cross, is encouraging because the vast majority of Americans say they prefer to die at home. So this reflects that many more people are being able to achieve that goal.”

Click here to read the full article on The Washington Post.

Photo courtesy of Benedicte Muller / The New York Times.

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