From Outkick: MLB Pitcher Chad Kuhl Steps Away from Baseball While Wife Battles Cancer

This is an excerpt from the Outkick article written by Amber Harding

“Some things are way more important than baseball.

Veteran MLB pitcher Chad Kuhl announced Friday he would be taking time away from the sport while his wife, Amanda, battles breast cancer. He also thanked fans on Instagram for donating in his drive to help others who are battling the disease.

“I’ve taken some time to reflect on these past few weeks and where I’m currently at I want to thank the @nationals and their fans for welcoming us and to those who have donated their time and money for the #cancerisntkuhl campaign & @nats4good we are especially grateful,” Kuhl wrote.

Kuhl has played for three teams over his seven-year MLB career. He was part of the Washington Nationals’ starting rotation in 2023 before moving to the bullpen. The Nats released him last month.

The 30-year-old said he received offers from other clubs, but he turned them down to focus on supporting his wife through her treatment.”

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