Message from the Founders

As we approach the two and a half year mark of our work at CaringOn, we want to express our deep gratitude to all caregivers who are providing constant care to advanced cancer patients. It is their strong and tireless devotion to the task of “caring on” amidst a myriad of other challenges in their own lives, that persuaded us to found CaringOn. We want to thank these sometimes forgotten heroes. Caregiving is often the ignored part of the healthcare equation-but one of the most important! What we have seen has filled our hearts with love and admiration. This is our circle of love and “care” that defines our mission and connects us to our community of deserving caregivers who must not be ignored.

Thank you for supporting us! We look forward to our next two and half years together!

Judy Davanzo is Founder and President with Lee Kappelman, Co-Founder and Vice President of CaringOn. Both women are cancer survivors.  Currently, Judy is waging her second battle with cancer. This time she is fighting advanced cancer.

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