CaringOn Gives Back to…Baltimore Sun 2/2014

By Laura Barnhardt Cech, For The Baltimore Sun

After her first round of breast cancer treatment, Judy Davanzo was troubled by the appearance of her husband.

“At the end of it, he just looked beat,” says Davanzo, a 47-year-old Timonium mother of two. “That struck me.”

Even when she felt well enough that her husband, Drew, could get away to play golf with friends or their family could go on vacation, Davanzo says, her medication would inevitably stop working or she’d take a turn for the worse.

“I hated that,” she says. “He never got a break.”

When she was rediagnosed with terminal stage 4 breast cancer that had metastasized into her liver two years ago, Davanzo began to think about what positive things she could do with her remaining time.

She knew of the many charities for cancer patients, but “I wanted to be able to do something for the caregivers,” she says.


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