Boys’ Latin Student Honors Judy Davanzo and CaringOn with Fundraiser

My name is Tucker Booth. I am a sophomore at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland. My family has been friends with the Davanzo’s for many years. Reese and I have grown up together as neighbors and classmates. To this day, I am very close with Reese and our friendship is very important to me.

Mrs. Judy was a huge inspiration. Her energy was amazing and never failed to put a smile on my face. Her ability to show care and love for others inspired me to do the same. After hearing the news of her passing, I wanted to do something in her honor. So many people cared for Mrs. Judy as shown by the numbers at her funeral. About a month ago, I designed pink stickers that have “Caring On” printed on them in white with “JD”, Judy’s initials, underneath. They are the perfect size for athletic helmets as well as computers, cars etc. I originally ordered 200 but soon came to realize I needed to order many more. I am honored to donate 100% of the sticker sales to Caring On in memory of Mrs. Judy. So far, I have raised $1,400 dollars. That amount will increase as I have many more to sell. Many schools in the Baltimore area have participated, including my school’s lacrosse team as seen in the photos attached. Is it possible for us to set a time where I can hand deliver the donation check to you? Please let me know if that works with your schedule. Thank you much.

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