2 Good 2 Be True: A gift for caregivers

Interview and video by WMAR Channel 2 – Jamie Costello

BALTIMORE – Judy and Drew under their wedding tree. In life the leaves fall changing our season. For Drew and Judy, their lives have changed hoping for another season.

“How do you thank someone for shaving their head and waking up to you with a smile on their face?” said Judy Davanzo.

You can quickly figure out, Judy is sick. She has terminal cancer.

“When I saw her, she was bald and I said, ‘Judy what happened?'” Lee Kappelman said.

Lee Kappelman and Judy became friends after both had breast cancer at the same time years ago. Lee got better. It was fate running into her at a Starbucks. Lee told her, “Judy you have to leave a legacy.”

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