Springbreak, April 14th, Giving

We are officially on Springbreak! This year we are staying we are staying home and I am thrilled! Much easier to concentrate on work and my health when the kids are hanging with their friends.

There is something to be said for sunshine and warmer temperature. Especially after the winter we experienced on the east coast! It seems as if people are just popping out of the woodwork, shedding the layers of winter clothes along with their feelings of being cooped up inside. I have run into so many people that I haven’t seen all winter or that I haven’t seen in years. When asked what I’ve been up to, how have I been, or what am I doing now, my answer is always the same. I tell them about my illness, how I’m doing with that, and that I started a non-profit for Caregivers. Sometimes they ask for a business card and immediately I am pleasantly surprised to find a check in the mail or on the website. People want to help and sometimes giving in this manner is the easiest and most comfortable way for them. It is their way to say that they care. The gratitude is not only on the amount (all though it is greatly appreciated) but focused more on the effort and time that they took to write the check, or go to the website or share the information with a friend who then decided to volunteer, etc..

In this age of technology where it seems that face to face live contact is limited and at times impersonal, it is very powerful to witness that human contact and touch still go a long way. We may not reach as many people as quickly that way, but those that we do reach this way are committed to our mission just a little more personally. Just generalizing here, and speaking of some people that I have run into in the last month or so.

So, thank you to those of you that have given to CaringOn in any way, shape or form! I appreciate it and all the support and caring that has come my way. I never thought I would start something like this nor that I would still be here typing this but it is because of the you that I too can CaringOn!

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