Oops, little (BIG) typo on last BLOG

HI!! Hope summer is enjoyable for everyone. When I was telling y’all about the video taping experience I did in New York I mistakenly typed in the incorrect name of the fantastic organization. I hope those reading will take a moment to learn about “Thru MY EYES. ORG“. I am so glad to have worked with “thrumyeyes.org” to create a message for my children of tidbits, thoughts, family history, advice, and stories that I think are important for them to know. At this point in my diagnosis, I have been lucky to not look like a “cancer patient” so my children will get to hear my voice and see my face and body as the more “healthy” me. Which is how I think we would all like to be remembered!?
“Thru My Eyes.Org”>Thrumyeyes.org” made the taping and interview process very easy and comfortable and priceless! And if I am lucky enough, I may be visiting them again in 3-5 years with a new message for my kids because I have beaten the odds and remain a Force To Be Messed With!

Please keep in mind, I am still knew to blogging and understanding how to respond to your comments and how to provide direct links. The learning curve is getting smaller. Thanks to everyone that has left a comment. The feedback is very helpful and motivates me to continue with my plight and journey with beating cancer and growing CaringOn!!


**** www.thrumyeyes.org Phone Number: # (914)-725-1836

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