May Flowers- Finally

Those last 2 weeks of April were brutal! I thought I was going to have to move to the West Coast permanently! A lot has been happening in the last 2 weeks.

CaringOn is planning their first major fundraiser that will be happening this September. Thyme to Care, an exciting cooking competition to be held at Nalley Fresh Cafe in Hunt Valley, MD. More details will be posted on the web-site and our Facebook page in the very near future!

At the moment my web developer is dealing with a family matter so I am searching for another kind soul to donate their services in helping CaringOn continue to build their website and social media as well as increase our traffic so that we are easier to find on various search engines. In this day ond age, not having strong computer knowledge can be a major setback. And like many setbacks, we wait, we listen, we discuss and we search for the best answer or solution and hope that we havve chosen wisely. I hope that I can make the correct choices for CaringOn so that it does good for many years to come. When battling my health setback, I also hope I have chosen wisely. It is hard to know which way to turn with all the medical information, the feelings of loved ones as well as coming to terms with the decisions I make. Just as my Caregiver can’t fully imagine what I go through everyday, I also can’t fully imagine what my Caregiver must go thru when faced with the treatment decisions I must ultimately decide on. Sometimes, there are too many choices and too many opinions and it can get pretty crazy. Crazy and inexplainable, kind of like the crazy winter and spring we had, but as we say, this too shall pass.

And hopefully the outcome for me and CaringOn will come out just as the weather always gets back on schedule, with flowers in May, hot summers and a cool and crisp fall. The belief we have in Mother Nature or what we believe gives us our seasons, we need to use to trust each other that our decisions will also get us back on schedule and that those decisions are made for the greater good of those that we love!

Till next time – I will be back in 2 weeks. Have a happy mother’s day!

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