Hospitals…Not recommended as a Vacation Spot

School is officially out for the summer in Maryland and now the focus in my house is on getting to the pool, starting camps, visiting friends, going to the beach, planning a vacation with family, and celebrating birthdays! Many different places have been mentioned among my husband and children; everything from doing the “stay-at-home” vacation, to Europe, a cruise, Mexico, Ocean City and many other ideas. But going to the Hospital is never on that list. For the last month, I have had the unfortunate pleasure of being admitted to my hospital because of swelling in my extremities, or needing to get tapped, or catching an infection and needing fluids. The funny thing is, my kids always ask if I like staying in the hospital. I think it is because I get to have meals in bed, watch TV all day, and have people asking me if I need anything. I have to remind them that as exciting as that seems, I still get to receive lots of needles, or tests, not very good food, unreliable wi-fi, and the worst, being away from them until I am released.

I find being in the hospital does give my Caregiver a break. And for that I am thankful. By this I mean that he knows where I am, what I am doing, and that people are available to assist me with the aches, pains and medications. I know this doesn’t take the worry, concern, or sadness away; but I believe it gives him a little breathing room and sometimes it is easier to deal with his work, the kids, and managing life when he knows that I am being cared for. He has NEVER told me this and I know that he would much rather have me well, at home and getting back to “how it used to be” but it makes me feel a little better knowing that my family can, maybe, sleep a little better knowing that I am OK and that it is only for a short stay.

Hopefully the rest of the summer will not find me staying at the (not the 4 Seasons) hospital, but truely on vacation with my friends and family. Creating memories, sharing new experiences, and having lots of fun is how I would like to spend the next 2 months. I know that is something that we all need- to just let things go, take time to be in the moment without worrying about schedules, money or meds. And to appreciate the Caregivers, young ones as well as adult ones, so that they know how loved and appreciated they are!

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Summer!

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