Running Marine Corps Marathon in Honor of Judy Davanzo

UPDATE: The Marine Corps Marathon raised $4,641 from 49 donors who supported Debbie in memory of Judy and CaringOn.  Debbie finished the Marathon and had this to say:

“…the marathon at 50 years old—-quite different than the invincible 25 year old when I first did the marine corps—had so much more meaning.  The marine corps marathon is filled with patriotism and was so incredible to be a part of it especially at these crazy times the country is going through. In addition to the patriotism I ran for something so personal–remembering and thinking of my sweet special childhood friend , Judy, every step of the way. I  know  how hard she fought and am so proud to say  I could be a part of strengthening the amazing selfless organization she created. Thank you so much to all who supported me—people who know me and people who do not. We all did this together. ❤


ORIGINAL STORY:In honor of our late founder, Judy Davanzo, Debbie Golden-Katzman is running in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C., October 22, 2017. Her goal is to raise a lump sum to donate to CaringOn and, in her words, honor “the wonderful work they are doing in supporting everyone affected by terminal illness.”

Debbie Golden-Katzman’s Story:

“In April 2016, I lost a very dear childhood friend (as many of you did too), Judy Davanzo. I met Judy in second grade. Judy left a husband and two young children. She was an amazing woman in so many ways and a person one could not help but adore immediately.

“Although Judy was given a more exact “life timeline” as she told me, she still thought so much of others. She told me how everyone always wants to help the sick person, but seeing what her husband, Drew, was doing and going through for her, she wanted to see a caregiver of a terminally ill person get some attention as well. She was determined to start an organization while she was still alive that would do just that—do something for the caregiver. Because of her hard work a wonderful organization was created….CaringOn.

“I would like to help this special organization as a tribute to my dear friend. Now at 50 years old, I am going home to DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon (which was my very first marathon at 25 years old). It will be the first time I “start from scratch” training and my goal is to get to the finish line in memory of Judy. I am asking you if you would consider making a donation in Judy’s honor, no matter what denomination. All donations will go to CaringOn. It seems like there are far too many people in the situation Drew Davanzo was in and I know Judy would be so happy to know if more caregivers like Drew could receive a special gift.

“I also MORE than welcome people to run with me during the marathon—as well as lots of spectators!!! I will wear a big pink bow in my ponytail so you can find me. This will be my most challenging run, but keeping the cause in mind and remembering how Judy handled her challenges will be a great motivation.

“Thanks so much in advance. I so appreciate it. This really means so much to me.”

Consider honoring Judy’s memory by donating to Debbie’s fund in support of CaringOn.

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