From Gloria to Latoya

Gloria Queen is an advanced breast cancer patient at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital; her daughter Latoya Wilson lives with her and takes care of her while going to college and working a fulltime job. CaringOn and Gloria surprised Latoya with a gift of dinner for two and an overnight stay at a hotel on Labor Day weekend 2015.

From Latoya:
Being a caregiver has its challenging moments but I wouldn’t stop doing what I do for anything or anyone. My mom . . . was always there for me growing up. A single mom who did her very best to provide for me. The CaringOn gift truly made me happy and honestly I felt appreciated.

From Gloria:
The feeling of joy and love filled me as my beloved daughter got to have a nice night to herself. As for the blessings and goodness and the love that was given to us both…. God Bless Caring on…

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