From Bud to Pat and Lee

Bud with his tag team Caregivers, Leah, his daughter, and Pat, his wife. Bud passed away after fighting a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. Because of his love for his family, he was able to stay positive throughout his illness. Pictured here months before his passing, Bud celebrated giving a CaringOn gift to his wife and daughter. He knew that they would enjoy their time together and time relaxing. Bud couldn’t wait to see them off and know that they would be enjoying their time together and time relaxing. Plus, he was going to spend some time hanging out with his grandson! After a wonderful and relaxing time at the spa, Leah and Pat enjoyed lunch together. Even relaxing makes one work up an appetite! This was CaringOn’s very first gift, and we were so excited to be a part of Pat and Lee’s respite.

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