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Heather is a metastatic breast cancer patient whose cancer has returned. She nominated her husband Will for a CaringOn gift of a golf foursome in Nashville, Tennessee. Here is what Heather wrote to us:

Will and Heather’s daughter Madison wearing the CaringOn butterfly necklace

“Will is a husband, father, friend and so much more. In 2015 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and our plans for our future quickly shifted. At the time our children were 2 and 4 and he became not only the caregiver but stepped in to fill my role as well. Through surgeries and chemotherapy, he never once wavered and continued to be the positive and thankful man he always was. If anything, his love grew for everyone he knew….something that is beyond beautiful. In the Fall of 2017 we learned my cancer had returned to my lymph nodes and we were thrust back into active treatment. This was devastating knowing how much we went through the first time and all the preventative measures we took (I am a BRCA1 carried) in hopes for this not to occur. My mother and Wills stepmother both passed away from breast cancer so this was hard for us to swallow. But, Will being the amazing man he is kept moving forward. I never doubt his love for me or our children and I am thankful I get to call him my husband.”

From Will:

“I wanted to personally say Thank You! to everyone involved in the organization, you all are making a difference and bringing smiles to people who you’ve never met! I was not aware that my wife nominated me for being her Caregiver so when your package arrived, and she told me to open it, I was blown away! While not a great golfer, I love to get out on the course and wing the clubs with my buddies.

More importantly, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my wife, so when we learned what we feared; that she had been diagnosed with cancer, I knew it was time to go to battle. Both she and I were in it together; in sickness & in health. Truthfully, she has been just as strong, if not stronger, than I have been throughout this journey. It’s been a long one. Unfortunately, she was re-diagnosed in November of 2017 when the cancer showed back up in her lymph nodes. It was a tough blow, but again, she put on her pink warrior paint and has kept fighting. We have recently had scans within the last week and all have come back clear.

Again, I appreciate this gift more than you know. Continue bringing smiles to people and we will always think of your compassionate organization.”

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