For Karen from Lee

Karen Braxton was my father’s caregiver for four years until she got multiple sclerosis and neuropathy and could not physically handle the job anymore. He adored her and she was there by his bedside when he died. She then became a foster parent to several needy children and is currently mothering a little two-year-old girl named Miracle whose mother is a drug addict. Unfortunately, in the last year, her husband Ray was diagnosed with stomach cancer but he cannot receive treatment because he has a weak heart and just had a small stroke. His doctors are strengthening his heart so he can receive chemo and Karen is taking care of him and Miracle.

She is one of the toughest, kindest, and bravest women I know and deserves a CaringOn gift to give her a much-needed break. Karen chose to go to dinner and a show with Ray, who is the love of her life, but he was ill; instead, she shared the gift with her mother Marie Braxton.

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