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Gina Lawson married Josh Lawson in 2015 and they had a son, Liam, who is 2 years old. While pregnant with Liam, Gina was diagnosed with breast cancer and then last year it progressed to metastatic breast cancer. She is in chemotherapy indefinitely and completed radiation and proton therapy at Hopkins. Her husband, Josh, works a full-time job for the government and is going to school at night to get his master’s degree. As Gina said, “He has done so much for me and for the family. He is an excellent father and I would like to give back to him for all of his help.” CaringOn has given Josh 6 tickets to watch his favorite team, the Orioles, play at Camden Yards. Josh will have a chance to spend an evening doing what he loves and taking a much-needed break from his caregiving responsibilities.

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