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Aldona Kudirka was honored by her daughter Maggie with a trip to Longwood Gardens in May. Maggie was diagnosed at age 23 with stage 4 breast cancer in June 2014 and Aldonna has been there every step of the way as she goes through treatment. Maggie wrote to CaringOn saying “She continues to be the rock during my cancer journey and I couldn’t imagine this journey without her.” “I have been trying to think of some thing to show her my appreciation. I think a trip to Longwood Gardens will be the perfect way to say Thank You.” The gift was presented to Aldonna by Maggie and CaringOn volunteer Kim Fisher.

From Aldona-
This was a very relaxing day for us. I think it made Maggie very happy to be able to give me such a special Mother’s Day gift. She has not been able to work much since getting cancer. She has wanted to give me gifts to show her appreciation, but I always tell her to save her money. This was truly a wonderful gift for both of us. I like very much the flexibility that CaringOn offers to the cancer patient in choosing a gift for their caregiver. It is a day I think each of us will remember for a long time.

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