Fitzhugh Malloy Reflects on Caregiver Gift

Lauren and I had a wonderful visit to MGM this past Friday. I was surprised and humbled by Lauren’s nomination. As you know very early on in our marriage we had our vows put to the test with her breast cancer diagnosis; I would be there for her through anything.

“I don’t often expect the attention or thanks or appreciation for navigating the cancer journey, as I witnessed Lauren’s battle with cancer firsthand. She has come so far in her survivorship from where we were two years ago. It’s wonderful to no longer plan our lives around doctors apts and treatments, but around work, family and friends. We take for granted ‘normalcy’ and how sweet it can be.

“We were shocked upon check in – our suite was absolutely breathtaking! If we didn’t have the dinner and show reservations, we may never have left the room! We had a wonderful meal at Voltaggio, followed by many laughs at the George Lopez show.

“Thank you for allowing us to partake in a special getaway for our wedding anniversary. Please let us know how we can give back. We appreciate Caring On for the hard work and time spent to allow survivors to enjoy times of respite in the face of cancer.”

Fitzhugh Malloy

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