CaringOn Profile: Megan Boylan, Social Worker, MedStar Hospitals

Thanking caregivers for all they do is an important part of my practice as a healthcare professional. I have personally seen how overwhelming, exhausting and stressful being a caregiver can be. Caregivers have just been thrown into this new role of supporting the emotional and physical needs of their loved one, organizing appointments, managing medications, and so much more as they try to keep their own sense of self. It is a lot. No one is trained to juggle all those roles and responsibilities. While the patient’s world has been turned upside down with a new diagnosis, so have the caregivers and they often get little to no support. Thanking caregivers, checking in on caregivers, and offering them some time to breathe is so important.

Megan J. Boylan, BSW 
Oncology Social Worker

MedStar Franklin Square Cancer Center At Loch Raven Campus
MedStar Health Cancer Network
Russel Morgan Building
5601 Loch Raven Blvd, Suite 103
Baltimore, MD 21239
P  443-444-6420

MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute at Bel Air
12 MedStar Blvd, Suite 180
Bel Air MD 21015
P  410-515-6400

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