CaringOn 10th Anniverary Celebration

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CaringOn is celebrating its 10th anniversary and we are overwhelmed and grateful to everyone that participated in giving and receiving a CaringOn gift. Over the last ten years, CaringOn has touched more than 400 families, caregivers and friends with our gifts of care that were graciously underwritten by our donors, vendor partners, and volunteers. To the patients who nominated their caregivers, to the doctors and nurses and social workers who worked with patients and caregivers and encouraged them to apply for a gift, and to the caregivers themselves, we want to share our appreciation for your belief in the importance of CaringOn’s mission.  

Because of your belief in our organization, CaringOn was able to reach many deserving caregivers and provide a meaningful respite for them to “recharge, refresh, and renew” themselves and take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.  

We want to acknowledge your participation in CaringOn by asking you to share your own story with us.  Why do you care?  How has caregiving impacted your life?  What has CaringOn meant to you and those you love?  It is in sharing your story with others that we understand the grace of caring and the importance of thanking those who care.

Stay Tuned for a Party!

To help celebrate our 10 year milestone, plans are underway for an Anniversary Celebration in spring of 2024. It will be a special event to honor the caregivers, nominees, and companies that have donated to help support caregivers. Stay tuned for further announcements on date, location, and activities. Don't miss it!

10th Anniversary Celebration Videos

To mark the milestone of CaringOn's 10th Anniversary, we extended a heartfelt invitation to our esteemed founder, dedicated board members, compassionate caregivers, and inspiring nominees. Their mission: to contribute to a poignant short video, expressing what CaringOn truly means to each of them.

Andrea Weisenthal, Sister of CaringOn Co-Founder Judy D'Avanzo

CaringOn Co-Founder, Lee Kappelman

Kate Sullivan, CaringOn Board Member

Upload a Video Sharing What CaringOn Means to You!

We encourage you to share a brief video lasting 1-2 minutes about what inspired you to get involved with CaringOn and what  caregiving has meant in your life. Videos can also be emailed to

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Show You Care By Donating a Gifted Experience!

Show you care by making a donation to support our gift-giving endeavors. Each dollar you contribute aids a nominee in expressing their appreciation to their caregiver by providing them with a joyful, tranquil, and rejuvenating experience.

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Every gift to the CaringOn Annual Fund makes a valuable difference, regardless of its size. Make your contribution today!

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