Jeannie Howe to Peter Howe for taking care of Elizabeth Howe Grusin

Peter Howe is the third in a family of six brothers and sisters. Over the years, he has helped take care of many people from his Buddhist community and also supported his eldest brother Hank during his decline. Upon the death of her husband, Pete stepped in to care for his sister Liz who is struggling with dementia and Parkinson’s disease and mainly confined to a wheelchair.  Peter arranges all her medical care and moved her twice during the pandemic.  He has lived a life devoted to service and now his family wants to thank him for all he’s done for others, especially their sister Liz.  CaringOn has arranged a day of leisure for Peter and his brother Duncan at the Inn at Perry Cabin playing 18 holes of golf on their award-winning golf course on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  


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