From Theresa to Victor Micheal

Theresa Micheal has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to her lungs.  Her husband Victor has been her devoted caregiver for over 3 years and he has had to miss work, deal with debt, and learn to handle pic lines and stents and colostomy care.  They joke that he is going to earn a medical degree the hard way.  They were not able to have children so they focused on each other – and their community.  For the past 9 years they have worked tirelessly spearheading a fall fundraiser on the Eastern shore of Maryland that includes a fishing tournament, crab feast and silent auction.  Victor used to fish and enjoy car races and hanging out with the guys but doesn’t have time anymore.  Theresa and her social worker Patty Plaskon nominated Victor for a CaringOn gift.  CaringOn sent Victor fishing with all his friends and his favorite Captain on the Chesapeake Bay, and everyone had a marvelous time on Victor’s day off from caregiving.

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