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Honor A Caregiver

NominateCaregiverYour Caregiver deserves a gift of love and appreciation for all that they do. By connecting with CaringOn, you’re choosing a unique way to express this love and appreciation for your caregiver’s devotion. CaringOn gives you with a way to say “thank you” by having us provide your caregiver a personalized gift in your name.

The primary caregiver of an adult with advanced stages of cancer can be nominated to receive a gift from CaringOn. Both the caregiver and the adult with cancer must be at least 21 years of age. The adult with cancer must reside in the State of Maryland and have a Stage 4 or higher diagnosis. Simply fill out the application form to honor your Caregiver. Our representative will contact you within a week of receiving your submission to guide you through the application process.

For the time being, we will send your loved one anywhere in the State of Maryland, as far North as New York State and as far South as Florida (destination to be discussed and reviewed). Each and every gift is personalized to meet the needs and requests of the family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate a caregiver?Bud-and-Pat

a) An adult with advanced/life threatening Stage 4 cancer who wants to gift their caregiver.

b) Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, PAs, social workers) who are treating the adult and who know the adult’s caregiver.

c) A relative of the caregiver.

How do I choose a gift for your caregiver?

CaringOn has a menu of gifts from which you can choose. You know the caregiver best, if you can’t find the perfect gift from our list, suggest your own!

What happens if I qualify for a gift?

CaringOn follows specific guidelines and procedures when putting a gift together. Once you qualify for gifting a caregiver, a CaringOn volunteer will schedule a face to face meeting to assess the needs of everyone involved. The CaringOn volunteer will work closely with the caregiver, the person they are caring for, and their primary doctor to put together a gift that will benefit everyone involved.

Our First Caregiver Gift

Buds-LetterBud was the first to nominate a caregiver. He gave to his wife and daughter who cared for him during his fight with cancer.

Bud wrote:

“Some judge success by the money in their pockets or things they accumulate along life’s way. But what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. It’s what we do for others and mankind that remains – and becomes immortal!”

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